Object Request Broker

The Object Request Broker (ORB) is middleware that uses the CORBA specification. The Object Request Broker or ORB takes care of all of the details involved in routing a request from client to object, and routing the response to its destination and enables developers to make transparent application calls within a computer network.

Object Request Broker (ORB) acts as a broker or provides a framework between a client request for a service from a distributed object or component and the completion of that request. Having ORB support in a network means that a client program can request a service without having to understand where the server is in a distributed network or exactly what the interface to the server program looks like. ORB supports a wide variety of middleware services, including notification, event triggers, transaction processing, real-time scheduling and security.

An ORB uses the CORBA Interface Repository to find out how to locate and communicate with a requested component. The commercially and open-source available Common ORB implementation can be found at:


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